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Dr Dilip Shah

Panel Expert - DCP Mumbai

Dr. Dilip Shah is a consultant Diabetologist, CEO and Director of Vijay Vallabh hospital and Indus Diabetes Center. He is also a consultant Diabetologist at Wockhart Hospital. He has always been an ardent nature lover from a very young age. Around 2012, he did his first trip to Masai Mara. Ever since, he has been visiting this Mecca of Wildlife Photographers every year and his thirst for going to Masai Mara, had been growing even more. His Mantra for photography is simple PAT... Previsualisation, Anticipation and Timing. He believes, this, along with the understanding of light and being at the right position and right moment are all it takes to be a good photographer. He loves sharing his knowledge with people around him and he is currently associated with Team DCP Mumbai as a Panel Expert, Wildlife Photography.

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