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8 nights 9 days of Masterclass Wildlife Photography Expedition to explore the amazing endemic biodiversity of Madagascar. 

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About The Tour

Madagascar is a micro-continent of superlatives. The forth largest island in the world is home to flora & fauna found nowhere else on earth, and is 90% endemic. This also clearly means that this is a paradise for a wildlife photographer. The itinerary of this expedition is crafted in such a way that we spend enough time in four different reserves and national parks of Madagascar documenting the flora & fauna of this amazing place.

Quick Information


Antananarivo - Andasibe - Akanin ny Nofy - Andasibe - Antananarivo

Start Point:



8 nights 9 days

End Point:



  • Madagascar - a micro continent of superlatives
  • Encounters with a variety of different lemurs.
  • Day & night excursion in Andasibe
  • Chameleon Search in Andasibe
  • Macro Photography Special
  • Indri excursion in Akamnin ny Nofy
  • Aye Aye excursion in Akanin ny Nofy
  • All accomodation and meals
  • All internal transfers
  • DCP Masterclass Mentor


How To Reach

There are several flights operating between Mumbai and Antananarivo. The fastest route takes approximately 11 - 12 hours. You may coordinate with Admin team for further guidance on flight booking.

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Getting Ready

Things to carry:

  • Telephoto lenses in the range of 300 to 400 mm
  • Macro lenses for the immense opportunity in the season
  • Carry fully charged batteries for your camera / flash.
  • Carry battery charger. Carry extra pack of camera batteries.
  • Carry backup memory cards / HDD storage drives, Laptop.
  • It is advisable to carry basic first aid along with you.
  • Please carry suitable mosquito repellants to keep you protected from mosquito bites.

Do not worry if you don’t own a lens as we now have an equipment support division. Equipment is available on rental - please mail us at

Vaccination mandates

Please note two very important vaccinations that you need to do.

  1. Yellow fever vaccination to be taken at least 10 days before departure date mandatory
  2. Oral Polio vaccination to be taken at least 4 weeks and not more than one year before departure date

Please get in touch with our team for any assistance.

VISA process

Standard processing for 30 days – it takes 7 days for your application to be processed, and you must pay USD $46.99.

Step 1: You will get the Visa application form at The documents required are a valid passport, a valid payment option, and a valid email address.

Step 2: Fill in your full name, email address, and your passport ID. 

Step 3: Pay for Visa online at using your debit / credit card or your Paypal account. Click on ‘submit’, you’ll receive your Madagascar Landing Authorization via email according to the procedure option you selected while applying. Just remember that you’ll have to pay the government fee at the airport.


Welcome to Antananarivo. Arriving at Ivato airport, you will be met by our team and taken to your hotel. Here you can relax after the long journey. Overnight stay in St. Cristobal.

Today we will go to the rainforests of the eastern highlands to Andasibe. Already in the evening we can comfortably look for animals along the road of our hotel. In this place an enormous number of amphibians have been found, and also newly described. Overnight stay at Hotel Feony Ala.

Today we will go to the forest of Maromizaha. Despite its proximity to Andasibe, this forest is little noticed. However, this forest is home to extremely rare chameleons such as Calumma roaloko, which was recently discovered and described. Also Calumma malthe, a very beautiful chameleon can be found here. Beside very colorful frogs like Boophis boehmii, there are also great birds like the blue Coa, or the blue Vanga. Overnight stay in Feony Ala.

After breakfast we go to the reserve of Voimana. The access is a bit adventurous, but the animals found here are special. The largest chameleon on earth as well as the Pinoccio chameleon can be found here. With a little luck we will also find the "Helmet Vanga", which looks like the South American toucans. This forest is full of animals, and also the Marko photography is very good here. So there are plenty of motives, and you should have enough batteries, and memory cards with you. Overnight stay in the Feony Ala.

After breakfast we continue towards the east coast. Around noon we reach the Lake of the Kings, and here we board our motorboat, which will take us 28 kilometers along the Canal de Pangalanes to our next destination. Akanin ny Nofy means "the nest of dreams", and it is! Overnight stay at Hotel Palmarium

Dayvisite of the Forest with a lot of Lemurs, Reptiles and Amphibians. In the Evening visit of the Aye-Aye Island. Overnight stay at Hotel Palmarium.

After breakfast we say goodbye to the many lemurs and we drive back towards the capital. In Andasibe we will spend the night, and in the evening we can make a small excursion along the road. Here we can find many frogs, sleeping chameleons, and the one or other mouse lemur. Overnight stay at Hotel Feony Ala

Day use IC hotel , or Residence de Raphia. On the last morning of the trip we will be awakened with the calling songs of the Indris, and during breakfast we can have a last wistful look into the rainforest. Afterwards we go back to the capital. We quickly buy spices and souvenirs, have a last dinner, and then we return home.

Field Learnings

On-field learning from the experts is said to be one of the best methods of improving your skill-set. Our expert will hand hold you at every possible step for a better understanding of perspectives, camera controls and how to make use of the best opportunities to get better images. The training will focus on the following

  1. How to approach wildlife in the field
  2. Different modes of shooting (Av / A, Tv / S, M and P)
  3. Exposure control in field under difficult light conditions
  4. Mastering metering techniques (Spot, partial, center weighted, evaluative)
  5. Mastering auto focus, focusing points, AF locking and focus tracking for moving subjects
  6. How to get sharp images of moving subjects
  7. Framing and composition in the field
  8. Ethics in Wildlife Photography

Package Cost

3500 USD per head (Ex Antananarivo)
(INR equivalent of 3500 USD to be paid as on date of transaction)

Cost includes

  • Transfer from and to the airport in Madagascar (arrival and departure).
  • All overnight stays during the tour
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner , Tablewater
  • Guide during the trip
  • Driver, vehicles including gasoline
  • Transports via boat, train or ferry √ Entrance fees for planned destinations, protected areas and national parks
  • Local forest guides in national parks, reserves and other protected areas.
  • Port fees (for island crossings).
  • Travel insurance certificate from R&V-Versicherung.

Cost doesn't include

  • Long haul international flights & domestic flights
  • Softdrinks, alcoholic Drinks
  • Personal hotel expenses (for example, having laundry done).
  • Individual excursions not included in the itinerary
  • Travel insurances (international health, accident, luggage, return travel insurance, travel cancellation insurance)
  • Tips




Cancellation policy

  • All cancellations before 30 days of the event date - 80% credit
  • All cancellations between 20 - 30 days of the event date - 50% credit
  • All cancellations within 20 days of the event date - No credit possible


Yes. Please write to us on as it is subject to availability.

Yes you are welcome. However, the cost remains same for non photographers.


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