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Harish Chopra

Group Leader - DCP Delhi

Harish's journey is defined by self teaching yet learning from all and pure dedication, how a fun hobby graduated into pure passion. A Chartered Accountant by qualification, currently employed with a reputed Multinational Bank, he deftly balances figures and finesse. Having covered winged beauties, landscapes and the vivid diaspora of nature, he just follows his heart. Results of his weekend explorations, his collection now is a viewer's delight where each silent frame says a thousand words.  His love for Camera showcases that a photographer's world is so subtle that it becomes more real than reality itself. Harish has been a gadget freak and keeps himself updated on latest releases. An avid motivator, Harish loves to share his experience and knowledge with everyone and anyone keen to explore this genre. His temperament is a healthy mix of creation and artistic compassion. His favorite line "Let's go shoot". He is currently associated with Team DCP Delhi as a Group Leader.

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