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Dr Divyarajsinh Parmar

Skipper - Team DCP, Ahmedabad

Divyaraj, an educator at Surendranagar, Gujarat, possesses doctorate in Physics and pursuing another one in wildlife science for Dispersed Wild Ass. He is a keen naturalist, wanderer and photographer, The hand-on camera for different experiments, had excelled him for vivid photo techniques viz. High -Speed, Long Expo, Wide angle, Wildlife, Portrait etc. His work is seen at magazines like Landscape, Better Photography, Smart photography, SAEVUS, Sanctuary Asia etc. He trains students in Nature Camps at Gir NP and LRK. He had participated censuses: lion (2010,2015), Wild Ass (2015), Herbivores at Rampara, Birds at Velavadar NP and Nal-Sarovar. He is always on a look out for meaningful patterns in the natural world. He believes that his experience as physicist and artist have together helped him appreciate and value the wild and its inhabitants. He is a Skipper in Team DCP, Ahmedabad

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