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Aneesh Bhasin

Skipper - Dcp Delhi

Aneesh Bhasin is an Electronics Engineer by profession, but wildlife photography is where he has found his passion. He loves being outdoors, especially the mountains, and enjoys all that the Mother Nature has bestowed us with. He is a skilled wildlife photographer and loves experimenting with Macro Photography techniques. His love for this genre is mainly because of the immense biodiversity that often hides from our plain sight. He says “all you need is to get down to earth! He constantly experiments sharpening his own skills whenever he is in the field. He is a good trainer and motivates all around him to learn wildlife photography from a different perspective. Through his camera, he likes to explore, document and spread awareness about wildlife found within the cities which often goes unnoticed by the common man. He is associated with us as Skipper, Team DCP Delhi

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