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Sonia Noor

Food Photography Expert - DCP Bangladesh

Sonia Noor graduated with a B. A Hons in English literature, moved into food photography because she was always been fascinated by the art of cooking and baking. Enthralled by the colours of fresh ingredients, she desired to duplicate the elusive sunrise colours in her images. Having embraced the art of photography, she allowed her creative vibes to flow with composition, torrents of light replicating the colours of the golden hour entered her images, enhancing the textures and colours of the culinary creations to capture. She pledged herself to create more awareness of the subject of food photography in her home country Bangladesh and formed her food photography page Cook- Shoot. Sonia’s work has been featured in Smart Photography. She runs besides Cook-Shoot, The Bangladesh Food Styling Group, one of the most popular photography groups in Bangladesh. She is associated with team DCP as a Food Photography Expert, team DCP Bangladesh.

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