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Puneet Ramani

Panel Expert - DCP Delhi

Puneet Ramani is a fanatic and passionate photographer. Ardently devoted to wildlife and nature who spends his weekends mostly in forests, rain forests, plains, grasslands, and other rural areas of India with camera and other gadgets mainly in search of winging buddies. By profession he is UX professional in a well known MNC, Hyderabad having years of expertise in user experience work, post production and other outstanding creative techniques to shape wild moments. He loves his profession by heart and on the flip side disburse his spare time photographing nature and wildlife. As a photographer, his main interest lies in birds, macro and landscapes. He has traveled widely across North India and Western Ghats rain forests in search of different bird species. He holds a graduate degree in commerce and post-graduate in design and multimedia. He is associated with the group as a Panel Expert - Team DCP Delhi. 

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