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Digant Desai

Senior Advisor - Underwater Photography Division

Digant Desai is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished Marine Photographers from India having reached an international acclaim. Marine life and the under-water world have been a childhood fascination for Digant. Having seized every opportunity to gather information and study this wonderful world, it has been his heartfelt desire to pursue scuba diving and capture some of these awe-inspiring sights on camera. Backed by this passion, past 40 years of age, Digant finally took the plunge, quite literally, in 2006 and has since been photographing this wonderful world and its even more beautiful creatures. He has won international and national awards and has been penning articles for various wild life and other local and international magazines. He was also on the team as the primary photographer while exploring the Angria Banks on a project by NIO. The world needs to know more about this stunningly beautiful parallel world and it is Digant's mission to showcase the same through photographs, help raise awareness and preserve this for future generations. We are honored to have Digant on board as a Senior Advisor, Underwater Photography Division.

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